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This comes from a household of over 80 years riding experience, of which some of those are mine. I am 16 and ride an Aprilia RS50. Mine hits 81 MPH but I don’t use it. It’s better to have the power and not use it than not have the power and need it. I think that if you don’t think the kid can have the discipline to ride, its simple. Don’t let them. There are already too many people that shouldn’t be driving without adding to it. Any real rider will agree with my whole post.

I am sure the person in question can gain that discipline, if it isn't already there. My parents followed me after I past my CBT to see it I was safe to be on the road. I also highly recommend this.

If I have helped or you wish to ask me any questions, please feel free.

Eddie Jones - Weston MotoGP Team Rider
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