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swilson93 05-07-2011 07:08 PM

2001 rs 50
Hey people. I was just wondering whether anyone knew anywhere that sells a throttle cable for an RS 50 x reg cheaply. (other than ebay)
Reason I say other than ebay is because I have bought 2 off ebay.
The first I had problems with and the seller was a company and gave me loads of grief and the second one only has a few threads left and I'm not too happy but as it is an independant person I decided against asking for a refund.
If anyone knows please message me or reply to this thread.
Also if anyone knows of somewhere I can purchase a rear master brake cylinder it would be much appreciated.
Much appreciation for reading my gobble de gook.
Even more appreciation for replies :)

John_Fisher 06-26-2013 04:55 PM

I get mine from a german company on ebay, there stuff is very well made. I got some brake lines off them and they have titanium banjo fixings and a life time guarentee, I did pay for the privalige though, but next to goodridge the goodridge look cheap and nasty! they make cable for my rs 125 and they are honestly, much better than the ones from aprillia. But if your worried just go to aprillia.... Type in "aprilia genuine parts" on google and use one of the aprilia dealers there. Sometimes you can wait a little while for bits to come through but they always get there in the end.
Worth checking if you have got the cable linkages all set up corrcetly because I rarely have to replace a cable and I only use the ones off ebay.

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